Jesus and Sirus!

if you know me you might know that I listen to Sirus The message in the mornings and that God somehow places the songs I need to hear!

i heard one of my favorite songs thats about God holding on to me and its asking God to take my hand and lead me… Then next song came on and it said something like Don’t fight the hand that is trying to hold you! ( I wish I could find the exact lyrics)
Do you ever do that? Ask God for something and then fight it? I do and once again God used Sirus to help me realize it lol!

Not much has happened this week…
Monday- I went to Abilene, saw molly and a movie, picked up brandon, drove home in a thunderstorm!
Tues- work…. Takhamasak, which was once again great minus the electrical shock, and I’m getting better at the game “dork”
wed- work… cooked dinner with savy, watched skye eat, went to the bowling alley, watched them bowl, then got to see devin!!!

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