A friend from home just said  “He’s teaching you to have total dependence on Him !” and boy was she right. 
I’ve struggled finding a job here from the beginning………….. 
some annoying reasons are….

A) I’m on a student via
B) I’m from America
C) I’m a woman
D) I’m older and in a different pay bracket
E) or God is really stretching and growing me doesn’t need me to have a job at the moment.

Its hard to describe what is going on in my head at the moment. Some days I fully believe that I will be here for 3 years provided for and everything dandy. Other days I feel like I should hop on the first plane home as soon as school is done and work at Wally world in snyder till I get back on my feet. Its confusing and hard and God is teaching me so much through this. 

Most of my decisions come down to where I get a job…. that will fit into minimal timeslots ( hillsong is good at filling up our “free time”) 

Its such a humbling experience to fully rely on God.
Ephesians 2:20(MSG) says
God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us…

The past 2 weeks have been killer, I had less than a dollar in my account for most of it yet somehow, didn’t starve, I was fine. God provided ( still praying for a new pair of jeans and some concert tickets 😉 doesn’t hurt to ask)
Its hard to say ” can you buy me a loaf of bread” but at the same time its easy. We are all in this together here. I had to do it this week after a total melt down….. I ripped a hole in my last pair of jeans that fit. my gma said stop eating and they will fit but most of my clothes are too big now… a belt you ask? I have one but it does no good…… I called my mom and just whined. I need jeans, I have no more bread (bread here has ZERO preservatives so unless its in the fridge or freezer you will have a mold farm in 4 days), my milk is running out, im on fall break and can’t leave my apartment cause it cost money to breath in this city. You know… normal negative Nancy Sarah Complaining…. then after a blow up my roomy I  had just had enough.

anyways last night I was whining talking to David about it and he reminded me to just pray it in. Pray in the Favor. pray in the fee’s. pray in practically everything. It sounds so simple. You would think that because I’m at Bible college I think of these things but lets be honest….. I don’t. I forget sometimes that God is my complete and full provider… somehow I have let the enemy get in my head and I say well things like that don’t happen to me. At colour conference Jared had a lady come start up a conversation with him and ended up giving him some money for second year( YAY JARED)…… my thoughts were things like that don’t happen to me. but they DO! they CAN! God knows exactly what he’s doing and sometimes we I forget that.

So I’m asking that you join with me in prayer.

  • Pray for the perfect a job <<<
  • That God would make His will known for me in July, go to texas? stay here? work? more school? Australia forever? options are open at the moment!
  • Also pray for my friends. I have a wonderful support system/ family here and we are all struggling with practically the same thing. Its neat to see how all of us picking up moving around the world to follow Gods call on our lives can bring people together.
  • Pray for Accommodation favor- in Christianese this means I need an apartment cheaper than the one I’m in now 🙂
  • That I will somehow pull off these song writing assessments 🙂

And anything else that God puts on your heart!

  • Jeans that fit
  • Lady Antebellum tickets for next week
  • a husband

Soooo because I feel like my blog is blah without pictures I will leave you with some of this week!

Sylvia took me Grocery shopping,I ask for bread and Got chicken cheese and broccli- she lives with me and knows what I love. Sylvia is such a blessing to my life, I’m so glad she moved in 🙂

 this just shows off my goofyness and once again my new hair.  


  1. I'm sad that I didn't make the blog since I also talked to you last night! 🙂 hahaha. I am right there beside you praying for you. God has a plan, a purpose, and a will. I would agree that even though we are both a Bible college it is very easy to forget those things. We are human just like everyone else. God has provided everything that you have needed and he is going to continue to do so.. hopefully with the concert tickets as well! 🙂 I would go with you if I was there!

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