Jumble of thoughts

My mind is full of thoughts today.. so im just going to blog about them and see if my head clears


I need to learn to play the Guitar……. and write music. Being around people who just pick up guitars and bust out songs makes my brain go. man why can’t I learn to do that.
While im on the subject of music. I for some reason have been reserved about it lately… maybe the feeling of inadequacy? I don’t know but I want it to go away

things at work are changing and different but Im happy and I know that God has placed me there for a reason!

I would really like some new shoes. if you know me its a shocker that I think I need to invest in some cute heals to go with my dressier clothes. which makes me think… I need dressier clothes

I miss these girls (+ devin)

I don’t like being a grown up sometimes. Maybe its not the being a grown up, its not having a heart like a child and being oblivious to the heartbreak in life.

so I’m sitting here and my pandora is going… pandora is my friend… I even think God speaks to me through Pandora sometimes… what I need to hear the moment I’m down, just comes on and i feel better! YAY
Pandora just played a wonderful song!

If you took time out of your day to read this im sorry! Just my way of clearing my head!

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