Just some junk

I was happy to embark on a new job endeavor this morning. I love the people I work with and think I’m going to be able to thrive there. The drive wasn’t too bad but I got there alittle early :/. I missed a few important phone calls from a dear friend but that’s okay, I will settle with the voice-mails for now. I’m thankful that I have a God who listens to my needs no matter how small they are.
Church was good yesterday. God is doing something in my heart I just can’t put my finger on. I know that I will just have to trust him with my money and job situation. I was so so excited to be responsible adult and have two jobs… oh well! Hopefully a week of double jobs will help carry me over until the new paychecks start.
Spencer and I spent the majority of the day watching tv and the vow. I was just preparing my rest for my 11 hours days, not that I’m complaining!

I’m not sure how the weight-loss thing is going this week. I’m going to try my hardest to workout but I don’t know where I will squeeze in the time, or mulah. I’m craving another Barre3 workout!

I dreamed I was in Sydney last night. I had a wedding ring on, though I’m not sure who I was married to. I was also quite smaller than I am now. I was with some random people from my new church, Abby, Leta, and my mom. We were at Hillsong Conference and I was leading. I didn’t want to wake up. David and Jared were also there along with Arja, Sylvia,  Michelle, and Alexis. We were at some kind of dinner! It was wonderful!
I woke up with something missing, I missed the sense of family that I had there. On the other hard I’m glad that I’m starting to meet people to connect with here.

My aunt is still on the house hunt, we saw some pretty cool ones this weekend so hopefully we will have a new home soon.

My emotions are full on this week. Beware. I wish I could control them 🙁

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