Ketamine Update!

Tomorrow will be two weeks since my 4th Ketamine treatment! 2 more to go!
We still haven’t hit our GoFundMe Goal but am hoping to use Christmas and Birthday money to help cover the costs of the last two treatments. Things were getting so bad we decided to go ahead and start treatment without having the full amount and I’m so so glad we did!
I honestly can’t believe I am still functioning. I’m so thankful this treatment is working.
Steven and my Mom noticed a change almost right away with others to follow! Lately, I can tell the pain is slowing getting worse, but I’m still leaps and bounds from where I was. I’m pretty sure I did more Thanksgiving weekend with Mom and Steven than I had in the 2 past holidays combined. I was really feeling the after-effects of the fatigue so am working hard on retraining my brain to slow down. Just because I’m feeling so good doesn’t mean my body can be superwoman. Halfway through a lap around the dog park without my walker, Steven and I were impressed, so impressed I did it again the next day. I didn’t plan on not having the walker with me but had to take it out of the car for more room at Thanksgiving. Somedays I can’t put my finger on how I’m feeling, but then we have experiences like that which would not be possible before starting infusions. Since starting my Infusions I’ve been able to help a friend online and become a Virtual Assistant, and most importantly take better care of myself & home. For the first time in so long, my mind is daydreaming and planning for the future. I’ve even worn makeup on a few outings!

I just wanted to update y’all on how things are going and thank you again for all your support.

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