Lisa P

A few years ago after a really bad break up I was forced to move back home to my small town… Alone…. no friends… not much family… just me and a big ol house and my life to somehow put back together. I kept being reminded that Lisa Parker had moved in down the road and was the new ag teacher. Lisa grew up in a small town about 30 mins away from ours but we knew each other from ag trips and such….. I mean we spent about 32 hours on a yellow-dawg bus from Texas to Kentucky once … I knew  who she was. I spent many many night praying for God to bring me a friend… I had plently it was just hard moving back home and re-adjusting. Lisa and I slowly started hanging out… we soon realized it was like we had known each other forever. She quickly became a great friend and we started doing daily life together… we also added another new teacher into the mix Savahna and the 3 of us took on the big town of Snyder Texas together! Lisa being the good girl that she was held our hand through all of my crazy drunkenness, dates, attempts at cooking, dr’s appointments, nights to where I just needed someone to cry to because I was lonely, road trips, as much mexican food as you could ever want……. Same went for me… I remember one night her calling thinking someone was in her garage and a few nights later me called her cause someone was really in my garage…. It was so nice to have her down the street! Lisa, Savahna, and I would sit around and discuss our hopes and dreams. Lisa wanted to be married, she is the perfect southern texas suzie homemaker… we spent many many nights praying and discussing our future husbands and Today she marries hers!
I never thought all those nights and talks that I wouldn’t be around for her wedding day. I just assumed I’d be right there with her wearing a tacky paisley dress, and singing some sappy twangy love song….. Not oceans away. Lisa has been one of my biggest fans though…. so I know deep down as much as I’d like to be there I’m where I should be. I’m there though.. those poor Guests get to listen to a recording of me half crying my way through “mama’song” on a garage band recording but hey at least I’m at her wedding. Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful wedding and I know that they have great years to come! I’m crying like its her funeral or something but its tears of one chapter closing but a glorious glorious one opening!

I love you Lisa P

Next up in wedding land is Abby’s…… then Savahna’s….. I’m sure there will be many more tears of weddingful bliss coming this direction!

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