Lonely, I am so lonely, I have nobody, to call my own…. ooohhhwoooohoooo

Being back here and 24 is interesting.

Its only one year older than 23.
Some of the newbies have busted out “oh wow your old” lol.
Gotta love the new kids.

Anyways this isn’t at all where I had my life planned. If someone ask me would I rather be in snyder and married or single an in Australia! I honesty don’t know what I would say, so when a friend asked me and I couldn’t answer immediately I started thinking about it.

I never pictured  my life in such an weird place at the moment I have no choice but to follow him. He’s made it perfectly clear that I belong here in Sydney for awhile!

Now all I need is a man lol

I want someone to go to church with me
I want someone to kiss me good morning
I want someone to take care of.
I want someone to eat all my food even if it’s gross.
I want someone to cuddle with…
 You know all the normal mushy gushy junk

When discussing this subject here most people say “Jesus is your husband” “God is all you need”
Personally I find it aggravating! God has put these desires on my heart and I fully believe that he is preparing me for marriage. Yet I’m still here waiting. So yes the Lord is my rock and strong hold and should I be single forever awesome!

God has another 6 months to mold and work on my heart though!

I know I have to do my part with cutting out the oh woeh is me im single and lonely bull crap but….. Most of the time it’s a joke, but most of the time it isn’t 🙂

We had a sermon that ask where do you want to be at the end of the year in which my flat mate and I busted out at the same time skinny and married…
It was quite hilarious for the people sitting around us in church!

Which has started us on a downward spiralling joke of husband hunting. So if you go to hillsong and hear us cracked jokes or popping off thats all it is…. we really don’t want to marry you… well some of you anyway

I leave you with a picture of us at the beach!

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