Mens Conference!

Since high school I’ve  been one of the Guys or so it seems! So of course I wasn’t surprised that God has once again placed me in life and fellowship with dudes… Girls to but this week is about Men

This week is mens conference.

God has blessed me with some amazing guy friends who challenge me in my everyday life. From the moment I got sick and even before they have opened their door and kitchen to me( and everyone else for that matter)

God has placed each one of them on my heart at a different time this week and it’s been awesome to pray for them and encourage them this week. Im not good with words but I can cook. I can’t tell them how much I appreciate their friendship but I can make some brownies! I have a hard time asking them how they are when it comes to their lives but I can cook and pray lol!!!
I pray that they feel valued each and everyday. So i as thinking you could help pray to.

Pray for their futures!
Pray for financial provision
Pray for wisdom
I pray that they have a massive encounter with God that will change their life radically! That the Lord would reveal himself and that they would be better equipped to be the Godly men they already are!!!


Each one has specific callings and purposes on their life and I’m so glad that I get to be on the journey with them for a little bit of time!

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