Mental Dump

My brain is on overload.
 I just finished a Christian Doctorine paper and can’t turn the thinker off so I figured I’d blog so bare with me because its going to be jumbled
I know I haven’t  updated in a while, thats because there is so much going on, or I just don’t feel like it.
Why dont I feel good? because my body decided to hate me,actually not my whole body just my “lady parts” as someone here called it. I’m having Surgery on September 2nd to hopefully find out what is wrong with some of it and fix the rest. The dr made it sound like a video game mission…. I think not.
If you want more info read HERE
Also the C word is a B word and its annoying to think about. so I’m not 🙂
“In Jesus Name Be Healed” – I was complaining about everyone who says that and hits my arm  ( its sore) then some reminded me about the girl who tried to lay hands on my female parts… I’ll take the arm hits 🙂

God has brought me some amazing friends. I mean I know they arn’t all here for me but smetimes it seems that way. Words can’t express how Uber ( German for SUPER SUPER SUPER) blessed I am. God seems t just be throwing people out of the woodworks who are just inspiring. The crazy thang is some of them see me as the inspiration…. weird……….. actually not so weird when I really think about it. Sometimes I think Gods strength is written on my forehead, everyone else can see it but I can’t quite get it 🙂

There are rumors going around school about me……… I apparently make amazing Guacamole 🙂
I need to learn to make homemade Biscuits…. NOT COOKIES OR SCONES OR WHATEVER YOU CALL THEM… good ole southern breakfast!  Oh I made Nutmeat tacos for my vegetarian friends, it wasn’t to bad…but I prefer beef!

Weight Loss- I’m dropping weight like no bodys business… but I’m sick it doesn’t count… I actually cried to my momma about that today. funny huh! At least I can achieve Courtney and Tara Trevy worthy big hair here!

Thats all for now I guess… MACHO LOVE:)

One thought on “Mental Dump

  1. Hey girl…just wanted to tell you that you have been on my mind and I am praying for you…seems like a lot is going on in your life, but usually is when God is at work…I'm so happy for you that you have gotten this opportunity and I hate that you are away and we can't love on you through all this…well at least not physically…but know that we love you and miss you and are so proud of you!!! God is going to do amazing things through you and I believe you are there for more than one reason…Stay strong in Him (and it sounds like you are)…and look for every possibility to give him the glory…you are an amazing young woman and God's plan for you is being worked out even now…Take care! Love ya! Judy Holmes

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