My temple is bigger than yours :)

We discussed the classic my body is a temple verse today in class. To which I tweeted my temple is bigger than yours 🙂
Class is mind blowing… I don’t really know what or how to blog about what’s going on in my world right now but its great. I know for sure this is home for awhile and that God has me exactly where he wants me.

I got my placements for this semester!!! I’m doing choir 2 services, kids one services, thursday mornings for sisterhoods I’m alternating Choir and kids, and Wednesdays I’m doing University Ministry at UNSW 🙂 whooohhooooo

I may have thrown a small fit to God about my double placement in kids land. My complaint was why are you not helping all the wifey, mommy desires go away you are just making them worse….
Then we had a lecture on placement and bad attitudes and how God knows what he is doing and we should chill out.
I know this
but…………. I needed to be told again 🙂

My lovely/Nazi roomy Arja made me go run with her tonight, luckly  charlie was going so jared came along. Charlie and Arja lapped us a few times but hey we walked and walked and even went up a hill!
YAY exercise
Its not going to hurt me to spend an hour here or there to walk around beautiful Sydney, nor is it going to hurt me to not drink caffine, or eat less carbs 🙂

I leave you with an awesome pic of our work out crew… notice I have a nice healthy gummy worm hanging out of my mouth 🙂

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