Night before my first 5k!

Gosh I’ve been neglecting my blog. Partially because when I gave my blog a makeover and started on this journey I thought I’d be “smaller, lighter, faster” than I am now, Like the isarah5. Sadly I weigh more than I did then and am not near where I thought I was going to be 6 months ago. But thats okay.  My 5k is in 8 hours and of course I can’t sleep and junk, because nerves just plain stink!

When I went into Lukes Locker to pick up my registration packet I was so overwhelmed with emotion. If you know me then you know I’m always emotional so this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise .Especially after spending the day on a date with God ( yeah ask me later ) I want nothing more than to complete that 5k tomorrow and keep on going. Is this your first 5k they said? I was like goodness is it that obvious!! It was such an honor to tell those complete strangers why I am choosing this as my first 5k. And I left that store not embarrassed because I’m going to be the only girl in a men’s shirt because they didn’t have my size but because I’ve stuck to my word. I’m going to finish that race tomorrow and God is going to use this in a big way. My friend Jenna compared this adventure as a pilgrimage! Can’t wait to see what happens 🙂 I’m also super thankful my friend Savahna chose to come do this with me- more on that tomorrow!

7 months ago best friend and someone I truly care about made the decision to enter a year and a half  rehab program. Before he left he encouraged me to make some changes too. So what better way to attmpt a new and healthy life than to honor him with this first run. I miss him tons and wish more than anything that he was here today/tomorrow. We rarely get to talk besides me sending letters but thankfully the Lord knows what I need and I got to talk to him for about 10 mins on friday! Such an encouragement to make a difference while I’m out here in the real world.

September is National recovery month and even though its almost over I encourage you to check it out. My little bag I got says, Prevention works, Treatment is effective, and people recover. Those 3 statements were quite powerful to me.  Because Alcoholism doesn’t run in my family and I grew up ( thankfully) sheltered I’ve had to do lost of research about alcoholism in the past year or so. Recovery is something that we should all be aware of, not just from Drugs and Alcohol but also our sin and junk that crowds our hearts. I’ve been reading and listening to lots of Podcasts about the heart lately thanks to my new bible-study **shoutout Team Black Hearts** Anyways we are all in some form of recovery.

 So I’m not just running tomorrow for his recovery.
 I’m running for my own. 

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