Oh No I didn’t- the Stache Story

Do you ever do something stupid then midway or after the fact realize that you can either commit to your sillyness or jump off a brige?

Hi I’m sarah and I have a mustache.
A big Nasty hairy one that grows super fast, just ask my dad! ( not man calibur but not pretty lasered off blonde style either)I usually keep it under control with way  over-priced Nair Products but lately I just can’t keep up due to my ovaries hating me. I was on my way to a friends house and  sitting in traffic when I saw it, ( don’t you check the mirror in traffic?) It hadn’t been that long but the stache was back and ready to repulse… so what did I do? What any normal fat girl with hormonal issues does. I whipped the niar out of my purse (yes in my purse, don’t judge) and applied in the rear view mirror then continued down the road in traffic…. After about 5 mins I see that people are looking at me and then realize I was not in some limo style dark tinted windows sports car like I had imagined… I was in my Aveo, the egg car. No Wonder they were staring…. Fat girl+ little car+ face cream= Horror…

I couldn’t help but laugh at myself and my crazyness!

I figure my future husband won’tt be reading my blog, and if he’s marrying me he’ll know I have the hormones of an 18 year old boy but alas I decided maybe I should keep this to myself! I e-mailed my friend Samantha this story in which she insisted it was too funny not to blog despite my embarassment and horror!

Anyways Happy Monday- be thankful that you don’t have a mustache…

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