Personal leadership…

I have never been one to journal. I’m just not good at it. I’m not a good writer and it’s super hard for me to get what is on my mind down to paper.

We have to keep a journal this semester! 
HAVE TO ……. Like for a grade.
I wasn’t a happy camper when I saw this. We have an assessment in which we write about 3 areas….

Bible reading

In class we have to start working on some areas such as core values, a mission statement, time management and scheduling, goal setting, budgeting and giving, emotional, relational, and last but not least psyical leadership. All of which don’t come easy for me so I’m sure I’ll be journaling/blogging all about it!

As much as I dread this class I’m excited. Things haven’t been to smooth this week ….. My friend told me tonight to step up my game and I instantly  said I don’t know how! Then I started to think about this class/assessment/ journaling thing, maybe it won’t be so bad afterall!

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