Revelation song, Jordan and Sarah style!

ok so there is this song that Phillips Craig, and Dean just re released call the “revelation song” It was previously made popular by Gateway Worship, both of which are amazing versions! So I heard it one day on the way to a Neurology Apt in Lubbock and became over whelmed with emotion and just thought. Wow if I could sing that song. I told Jordan about the song and proceeded on my merry way…
so one day sitting in his office we decided to learn it, much to our suprise we didn’t sound half bad. We are no gateway worship but when you are truly Worshiping God something different comes out!
I’ve now sang it Twice at FUMC and would like to sing it at my church sometime too!

So now for the funny part! Its about 11:00 sat night! I had made dinner for some of my high school girls and then we decided we needed to practice. I’m in sweats and comfy on the couch, and jordan is just chillin with the guitar. The gals decided that they needed to record it. I wasn’t actually thinking that it would end up on youtube or sound remotely decent!


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