Roadtrip to Odessa!

Oh how I love West Texas and my friends!

Leading up to the day of love I felt myself slip further and further back under my black cloud of depression. I decided to treat myself to a weekend with my Bestest Buddy Brandon Bragg. I shoudl call him B4 lol

After some begging and good ol luck Greg decided to join in on my roadtrip!

It took us forever to get there! rain+fog+deer+sarah= no fun

We ate a ton! To make up for that I was forced to do p90X… I only made it about 30 mins before I started hearing things like ” You can do it” and “don’t you dare sweat on my couch”
I thought I was going to kill over or hurl. Before that I had already done about half of P90 stretch because the boys said I couldn’t…. oh well I felt better!

Samantha Berry drove in from Big Spring to hang with us which was such a treat. After dinner we went back to Brandons to hang out around the fire pit. We had a blast with fireworks confused with guns. Lous Music and the name that tune game! I even danced a bit!

This weekend I caught a glimpse of old Sarah. It took awhile but I finally loosened up and had some fun. Not many I’m sorrys or ridiclous feelings of guilt! My and and greg have this game, anytime I say “I’m sorry” when its not warrented I get thumped , pinched, or tickled. Hopefully it will keep working and help my weird im sorry issue.

Anyways I know this blog isn’t great. I’ve had the stomach bug and my brain just doesn’t work.
let the Pictures do the talking!

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