Simple Acts of Moving Forward- a Letter to my Inner Child

I’m reading this book called “Simple Acts of Moving Forward – a little Book about Getting Unstuck.”
Today’s chapter was about loving you inner child and nourishing that little girl or boy that lives inside you. So far these chapters have been nice to think about but nothing I felt like trying- maybe its because I’m in a dark rain cloud of crap. Anywhooo.. It encourages you to find old pictures of said inner child then write them a letter full of Encouragement so I decided to give it a shot!
Here goes….

5 years old, Just had a booster shot- David Fraziers
Dear Precious Princess Sarah, 
     You are so very loved, not only by your family but the people who helped raise you.  Your Daddy Loves you and when your mom dials his number and throws the phone its because she loves you too. Nothing you do can make your Dad or Mom love you more or less so just be you. Never Ever listen to the voice in your head  that says you are not smart, pretty, or skinny enough. Your mom worked very very hard to make sure you get to see things beyond your small town so enjoy them. Remember you have a Voice- a big and powerful one that God gave you to use, not hide. Boys are stupid and you deserve the best. You WILL fall in love one day. ( maybe even get married, not there yet) You will get to go places others will never go and do many things your friends don’t. You get to be free and make your own decisions. Don’t listen to the little man who tells you your too fat to be on Broadway, if you do though go to the Ag building where you “belong”. You might even win state in something.  In High school you will get to go on tons and tons of trips. You will get to be in Central Park with your best friends and that’s a moment to never ever forget. You will also get to pet a Kangaroo, not many people from Snyder get to do those things.
      You do not have to try and make everyone else happy. You just be you. Oh you’re goofy silly and crazy but that is you and that’s why people love you. Never forget that.  NEVER cut your hair above your shoulders. Try and finsh a college degree one day- apparently you will need one of these to be happy. The days will be bright and sunny but the nights will be dark and scary. Be strong in the Lord and never give up. You are such a cool kid! When you get homesick its okay, its not your fault. Your sick. You will find out later in life that Anxiety and Depression started way back when so don’t feel like a freak. Your just wired differently. Not many kiddos can be so far away from their mommys and daddys and handle things the way you can. You get to have a brother and sister who are the coolest things ever, so never be mad about divorce. God makes great things out of terrible situations. You just keep your head up and keep singing and dancing in front of mirrors, and when the little black rain cloud comes to follow you around remember how fun it is to sing and dance in the rain. Garth Brooks and Jamie Pies will be there to help you sleep even 20 years from now.

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  1. My precious Princess Sarah, you'll always be my #1 girl! I love you and am so grateful you allowed me to be part of your life! Thanks for standing still as a five-year-old while I tried to curl those bangs!

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