“Slimming Down Sarah”

Someone told me the other day that I would never have my life under control unless I got control of my food issues.  They meant it out of love and I’ve thought a lot about it. 
When I look at the title of my blog “Slimming Down Sarah” I keep thinking there are so many other things I need to slim down before I tackle my weigh issues. My mental health is failing as much ( if not more) as my physical at the moment, as in there is no room to obsess about eating a cookie when I’m just trying to make it to the next day.  I’ve got to slim down some of the baggage I’ve been carrying around for years. I have to slim down some anger and resentment towards people in my life. I have to slim down the people in my life that do me nothing but harm. I’ve got to get some things in order before I can actually be ready to diet make a lifestyle change.
Before I left for Georgia I had a coupon for California Pizza Kitchen that you could win $100,000. When someone asked what I would do with the money the first thing I said was weight loss surgery. Get skinny then move to Australia.  How horrible is that? I didn’t think car, purchase a house or get out of debt first. 
All I could think of was skinny.
 Because if I was skinny then someone would want to marry me, and how could anyone love this fat, crazy, ball of emotion.
Its thoughts like those that I have to “Slim Down” if I’m ever going to go down the healthy path the Lord has laid out for me . Having a few cokes, or cookies, or Alfredo isn’t how I got 100+ lbs overweight…. It’s spending the past 10 years hating myself for reasons I can’t explain ( and tiny tiny bit of genetics)
In other news…
Some of you know I’m back in Austin. While I’m super proud of myself for trying something new I know that Georgia isn’t the place for me right now.

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