Southern state of mind- update

I’ve started a blog today about 17 times but just don’t know what to say that’s not negative. Negative nancy is what some peeps back home called me behind my back, and they were right most of the time. So I’m really trying to change my attitude and renew my mind.
Romans 12:2

Still no job! But I know the Lord has the right one for me! 
I’ve had some amazing up lifting conversations and prayers in the past week, so I know God is at work’

Someone blessed me with 200 in my bank account, praise Jesus! It will be a nice start to getting me off suspension! God is our ultimate provider and could still use prayers for his provision!

I got incredibly down this week with everything that’s going on! In the midst of one of my prayers God reminded me not to put him in a box. Just because I’m not learning what I thought I was supposed to be learning about doesn’t mean I’m not learning what God wants me to!

Prayer! Lots of us need it! Kids all over this place are getting attacked! Does anyone know of any good books on spiritual warfare?

Casey told me to read Isaiah 41- it’s been such a passage to study!

Darius Rucker has a new album out, I don’t have it but i have the song called southern state of mind- here are the lyrics! It’s so cute and such a fun song!

I was up in New York City just the other week 
You should’ve seen the waitress face when I ordered sweet tea 
She said we don’t have that here and I apologized 
I said please forgive me I’m in a southern state of mind

And those girls out in California they don’t understand 
They don’t like it when I hold the door or when I say yes ma’am 
They act like I done something wrong and they give me the evil eye 
I say honey I’m sorry I’m in a southern state of mind

I could be anywhere 
In my heart I’m always there 
Where they drink sweet tea and they raise you to be polite 
No changin’ who I am 
That’s the way I’ve always been 
No matter what state I’m in 
I’m in a southern state of mind

I’m always walkin’ ’round tellin’ everybody hi 
Just a wavin’ at the strangers in the cars passin’ by 
Some people may look at me and say that boy just ain’t right 
Hey y’all I ain’t crazy I’m in a southern state of mind

Repeat Chorus

You can see it in the clothes I wear you can hear it when I talk
Ball cap, boots and jeans and a little southern drawl 
I could be up in Ohio or back home in Caroline 
No matter what state I’m in 
I’m in a southern state of mind 
Don’t matter what state I’m in 
I’m in a southern state of mind 
A southern state of mind

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