Spring Break


I started off the week by venturing into the city just because I could, when I was met by Carli at the bus station. So we ventured off together, It was so good just to hang out and get to know the poeple you do life with better!

The next day I went on a massive job hunt all over the place and by the afternoon was broken hearted and miserable! I’ve been big all my life but havent had to many people tell me to my face.
I applied at a store, a smaller people clothing store, the sign on the door said URGENT Sales required.
Well…………… I was told that I would have to fit in the close to sell them.
It gets worse, I applied at  accessory store later and the manager told me I didn’t have the look they were going for. hello you don’t have to be skinny to sale headbands and handbags….
As I sat at home and cried I was praying for a distraction, then I mustered up some guts to text a friend and say I need you basically. All of us have those girls or guy  that you can say  “I need you” and they will drop everything and come running, well my “I need you” people arn’t here! Thankfully God knew what was happening and already had someone in mind! Its great to have Godly women to do life with here!

Next day I job hunted like a mad woman online then we went back to the city to China Town and Paddys Market. It was great fun just to be out and about in the city! I tried my first bubble tea which was highly disgusting.

Then the beach. SO I woke up feeling incredibly down and was like OKAY GOD ITS ME AND YOU TODAY and headed to the beach with my bible! I soul searched for a long time.
Its hard in the midst of all the action going on here for me to remember why I came. So many of my hopes and dreams have changed I feel like I’m just flailing around.
Lately I’ve felt like I’m just here to have surgery. most of this stemming from the enemy and lack of $$$.
which is a whole different blog post! God then swooped in and said enough alone time, I’ve sent some girls so I walked an incredibally long way down the beach and hung out with my friends all afternoon.

Overall this break has been amazing, yesterday was spent doing nothing but hanging out and being a dork, and I taught charlie to make Fajitas 🙂 it was exiting! and yummy too!

As always pictures!

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