Surgery Message

On September 2nd they will go in and check me out. My uterus is full of abnormal junk, they will cut some off and make sure it’s not the c word and then move on. Best case scenario is it’s not the c word and the scrape out all the junk out and then they will check the masses (tumors but we don’t like that word) in my ovaries and move on from there. Worst case scenario is that it is the C wors and then they do a total hysterectomy.

Sorry for being so blunt I know that’s alot to read and even crappies via facebook but I’m okay…… I hurt most of the time and the bleeding hasn’t stopped yet. But I’m handling everything okay.

God is an amazing healer but no matter what I still have to have surgery. I’m at peace with everything at the moment so remaining calm. Which as most of you know me I’m an emotional wreck but not in this case. I feel gods arms totally around me right now and I know he’s got me!

The people here are totally supportive and they arnt worried about classes and such, I’ve only missed one class so far so that’s good! We are taking it a it comes.

Contrary to my roommates wishes i don’t feel like I should hop on a plane and come home, old Sarah would have about 2 weeks ago I think. I’ve learned so much and grown in the past month here and feel that God has me right where I’m supposed to be. Honestly I feel so at home here. God is using this to grow me so much so let’s just pray for best case scenario, calm neves, and easy recovery. Feel free to tell anyone who needs to know or a great prayer warrior!

If you have any questions ask me or mom.

I love and miss each of you so much!



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