Thank God for Hometowns…

 I can’t believe I didn’t blog this sooner.
But I now am the proud owner of a Honda CRV, and I will make that car payment with my extra money for becoming FULL TIME at the Land Surveying Company so thank you for those of you who prayed! It was all God and I’m so very blessed!

I had the best weekend. If you haven’t heard Carrie Underwood’s “ Thank God for Small Towns” I highly suggest you click the link and listen. I heard it for the first time packing Thursday night and it set the tune for the weekend!

My new friend LETA (pronounced leeeeeeeta) and I hit the road in my new car (Shaniqua), about 7 Friday night set for Sny-town. We had a mission of help aunt Peggy for Sat and eat Spanish Inn.

I love the drive, It was hilarious to watch Leta freak about the windmills and me about the deer. Did you know that if you stick your hands out of the sunroof going 70 that when bugs it your hand it stings? We found this out the hard way, more than once!

We crashed at Mr. Bowens house  ( Thanks Beth) when we arrived it was about 90 in the house so we turned on the air and we to Wal-mart for some late night fun.  What else is there to do?

Saturday for lunch we had SPANISH INN. I do realize that some people HATE that place (Brandon and aunt JB) but I don’t. Its what I grew up on and compare everywhere in Austin to Spanish Inn. Not smart. I told Leta before you are either going to love it or hate it… guess what?

SHE HATED IT… I was sad until I realized I could eat hers and Casey’s leftovers J

I had such a good time working at Aunt Peggy’s. I know it sounds silly, but seriously we had fun until I got a bug bite in a not so friendly place… then my fun was over! I love learning about my family, the town history and everything else from aunt Peg. She is so full of knowledge and I just hope that I can one day be as wonderful as she is!

Sat night we picked up Samantha B in bigspring and headed to meet Brandon in Midland. I can’t be that close to him and not go see him, the drive wasn’t so bad. I’m lucky to have friends that last! Lucky for me I even had to see Officer Thompson. I gave Tyler a hug and said “ Oh MY GOSH you wear a vest?”  ‘yes sarah, people shoot at me , I’m a police officer”  I then of course asked for a picture which he was skeptical but still gave it to me, Why? Because I’m sarah, and was there with my Tyler and Brandon. For a min I just stood there and couldn’t help but be thankful for the way things turned out. Thankful that they were in my AG class in 9th grade and that we are able to see each other now at 25. They are so grown up, Tyler a cop, Brandon a Pilot, and me a loser. Just kidding, I know I’m not but I’m just so roud of them. I got to see an old friend Tye, whose all grown up and has a house now too. Gosh I felt behind of the game but once again thankful for these friends in my life.

Poor Leta had to hear about my life history and met so many people.

Church- I missed Home. FBC Snyder will always be my home, I’ve had some of the best and worst times of my life in that church. I love the people, they are family. It was amazing how many of them read this blog or facebook and were encouraging me on my journeys. I was slightly emotional, what did you expect? so I’m sorry if you saw me cry the whole service. I was overcome with Joy while standing in the choir loft watching the “family” I once new be so joyful and raise their hands in worship. I couldn’t control the tears, luckily those that know me reminded me to take tissue with me on stage lol. I’m jealous I’m not there and don’t know the new worship pastors very well, He and his wife were awesome. I would still follow Jim or the Treveys anywhere 😉

Oh well I guess all thats left is pictures!!!

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