Thanksgivin in Oz

Yesterday could not have gone better if I had planned it.
It was great!

Words can’t really express the love and joy I feel for the people that I do life with here at HILC. God has truly blessed us with each other.
Proverbs 17:17

I was so worried about Thanksgiving. I was excited when the idea came up but I also had some mulah at that point. The closer it got and the more people got invited and ideas got bigger the more worried I got. I mean everyone thinks I’m the best cook ever because im there friend and they love me lol. I was like uhhhhh maybe I can’t pull thanksgiving off. Sunday was filled with crazy tears and emotions and me being like nope this day is going to be crap. The thought of me having a “fake” one because we wouldn’t be with our family had me all torn on deep down… but I’m mama Sarah. I can’t be scared. I’m tough.
Anyways  I put my feelings and tears aside and prayed long and hard about it and BAM

I woke up yesterday with the same little kid feelings of thanksgiving! I waited for the boys to awake and bounced my happy self into 272 to make the magic happen! Boy did it! They were all, well mostly, keen to help clean and so so so helpful! I told mom last night that God took over big time 🙂
David was like Mr Thanksgivng! he’s going to be a super hubby/dad one day… just saying girls—-scoop him up… Same for Jared. We did some damage in the kitchen!

Just when I was getting discouraged with the food to people ratio charlie swooped in and the boys headed to Coles only to come back with even more yummy goodness

something about ” its not thanksgiving unless we have leftovers” we did and they were amazing!

Then the girls got back from the beach ( RED) and added the girly touch to the table then everyone else showed up and we DUG IN!!!

I know it may sound dumb to you but throwing a Thanksgiving for people who haven’t had one or its their first from home was kinda a big deal for me. These people have held my hand through alot. They delt with me tears, fears, Late night hospital visits, countless trips to coles, CRAZY mood swings, brokeness,  hormones, medicines, surgery’s, ect This was the least I could do to show everyone how Thankful I really am for them. The people that God placed here wasn’t an accident, well maybe a few of us 😉 but  I feel as though we are a family.

My Heart is so ready to be in Snyder but something tells me that won’t be home forever and that scares me.

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