The Fighter-

 The Fighter- Gym Class Heroes

I heard this song on the radio the other day and it just brought me to tears. I thought of so many people I know who are fighters Granted I don’t know any olympic hopefuls or boxers or “real” fighters but I know some fighters. 

I know people who are fighting addictions. I know the single moms  who are fighting to keep food on the table for the children. People fighting illness and for their lives. I know people who are fighting their sins and trying to live their life for the Lord. I know hopeful parents fighting to have a child. GLBT’s fighting for rights. I know people fighting to keep their marriage despite all the cheating and lies in this world. Men fighting to be Courageous for their wives and families. The young women and girls who are being trafficked are fighting to stay alive. The Orphans who are fighting for a chance at life. There are people “fighting” all around us.  All over the World. Even people like me who are simply fighting the Fatness.

This song may not touch you the way it touched me but I figured I’d share anyways

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