The purpose driven…. songwriting… crazy college life…

I can’t think of a good title or anything to blog about for that matter so prepare for a randomly awesome post.

I started purpose driven life today… me and a couple hundred of other folks from hillsong and around the world… I’m going to attempt to blog about it frequently<<< attempt being the key word. I wish I could be one of those people who were like yeah I'll blog everyday for 40 days…. but no  i just don't see that realistically happening…

Song writing is kicking my rear. Hard core…. as in i spent hours yesterday and only got a line of a song… then was in the shower and bam got 3 more… my brain isn’t made for songwriting. I feel that the Lord anoints different people with specific talents and gifts and personally song writing isn’t mine 🙂

so right now we are working on a co written worship song and later is the doozy, we have to write and record a song written for…. Queen, Michael Buble, Disney, Carrie Underwood, or a few others, I’m sure you will be shocked to know what I picked… Thats right! BRING IT CARRIE…… I can write about cute cowboys, small towns, and missing my mamma ( and daddy)!
They say right what you know… I know all about me some southern fried goodness… anywhoo I thought it would be fun to get your opinion on some song options.

So what should I write about

  1. small town girl makes it big?
  2. rodeo wife missing husband/daughter missing daddy?
  3. two people start off leaving different towns only to fall in love somewhere on I20 in between Texas and Tennesse?
  4. Hard working single Mamma only wants whats best for her “baby”?
  5. A song about dogs, trucks, beer, mud and twang?
  6. Love?

Thanks y’all!
 Also I don’t feel right not posting a picture…

P.S I was told by a reader that I don’t mention God enough… God is working in my life big time and when I decide to share about what amazing yet interestingly painful things Gods doing in my heart I will 🙂

6 thoughts on “The purpose driven…. songwriting… crazy college life…

  1. I choose 4 (I wonder why) some day you will understand how much it means to love your baby so much that it hurts. Just ask Beth – she is experiencing it now. Be Sarah!! You know who you are.

  2. You don't mention God enough? Are they really reading your blogs? Cause God has totally been messing your life up and you have been writing about it! 🙂 I pick number 4!

  3. You should write about Fishing. We all are fishermen for God. You should be lucky that you have all of those experience to draw from. I am thankful that God allows us to throw back the fish that don't work out.

  4. “I fell in love, Somewhere between Texas and Tennesee” I'm just saying … Oh, that would be a cool title to a song “I'm just saying, how much I miss you, I'm just saying how much I really care, I'm just saying that I can't wait to see you, I can't wait, for you to see my hair” LOL! love ya!

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