Today stunk!

so I’ve been feeling like crap lately…. My female issues are back and causing a great deal of pain so I haven’t felt like doing much besides going to work…

I decided I needed to get out of the house so I called my new friend Jade and we decided to meet at Magnoila Cafe. Then my buddy Jaron called and let me know about his show downtown so I thought hay. might as well go out and see him after I met up with Jade…. WRONG! On my way out of the restaurant my mouth started to itch and I felt my neck get hot. Then I started feeling queasy… by the time I got home I had a full blown rash on my neck everything and everything itched. After 30  mins of searching and talking to my mom I finally found the benedryl and settled in for the night. …. Then the vomiting started. I couldn’t keep down anything not even water…. after getting up and down most of the night Jingles and I just made a pallet in the bathroom floor and passed out. I tend to act like I’m 5 yeaers old when I’m sick…….

Needless to say it was a rough night! I needed to go mail a package to Mr. and Mrs. Bridges in ALASKA but didn’t feel good so I thought I’d do it online… Wrong….
after 2 trips and one major hissy fit in the post office I finally got back home and proceeded to go right back to sleep.

Then I get a phone call from work. YAY I thought… they need me to come in.  There hasn’t been much opportunity for hours this week and Lord knows I need the money. Basically it was them saying unfortunately they no longer need me but that someone from the front office would be in contact sometime this month if they were hiring again. These people slightly filled me full of crap with allowing me to think I could move to the front office. I know its not their fault…… Big company bought out small company junk… they even fired a woman who had been there 15 years….

Today just stunk.

I’m going to go cry.

I would normally go eat….
but I’m broke and sick.

job interviews here we come!

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