Top 5 things and Value and PRAISES

Someone last night ask me what I wanted.
Name the first 5 things you can think of that you want right now…

Off the top of my head it went something like:

Husband  (All this baby maker drama has me all hormonal)
Home ( I’m tired of sharing a room)
Money for school  ( DUH)
to play a musical instrument ( I’m surrounded by talent)
Burrito ( I need mexican in my life)

then I spent a while pondering that question. I didn’t really like my answers they all had negative parts and God has shown me in the past 3 months that I’m truely negative person.  My goal this week is to really seek God in answering this question!

Tonight we discussed Value in church. It was such an amazing sermon! It really made me think about how I treat people and how I’m treated. Am I really valued? Do I really value this person?

“I’d rather have you messy then not have you in my life at all!”
What a loaded statement right?
Do we truly feel this way about our brothers and sisters in Christ?
I mean I’m a uber messy person 🙂

So We are in a season of souls here at Hillsong. This means we are all praying for a harvest of lost souls. The other day I got really down because nothing was happening with the people I was praying for. Then I talked to my G-ma. Her Sisters husband Uncle lee had past away early in the week and most of the family had come in for the funeral. One of her sisters, Aunt Jo, came in from California- If I remember correctly from growing up aunt Jo was the only kid out of 7 not saved. My grandmother has always prayer for her family… anyways


here I am complaining because I’ve been praying specificly for 2 months meanwhile G-ma is praying for as long as she can remember!!! What a total God thing! I mean WOWZERS

Each day here is a blessing, pain or not 🙂

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