Typical New Years Post!

As I lay in bed last night, like I always do the night before I see my Dad, I started thinking about the New Year.   I’m not big on resolutions because quite frankly I haven’t “Finished” much in my life. Why make a verbal vow that I doubt I can keep? its kinda pointless to me and I just set myself up for some let downs! I did however keep a vow I made to myself and that is something to celebrate.  I completed THREE 5k’s this year!!!!!!!!!!  Despite being in a pit of depression and emotional bull crap. I finished them.  People ask why I enjoy them so much and I fianlly realized that each time I’m proving to myself and body that I can do something that my mind tells me I can’t. My mind is my worst enemy…..I’m also steadily on medicine, something I never wished or wanted to do but am now mature enough to do so. I made some difficult changes and even jumped head first into living on my own. God has taught me so much about myself this year. Why wouldn’t I celebrate that and look forward to what’s coming next!

If I were a resolution making person they would be something like.

Read the Bible front to back

Bake a cake – rolled over from last year

Half Marathon!!!

Rock the grey hair no matter how bad it gets!

Get some financial peace

Fall in love again…….

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