Unnamed post about losing my baby maker here…..

 think I’ve been pretty stable for so long now I’d forgotten what it felt like to be in my “Pit” with my little black rain cloud. I am an anxious nervous wreck and feel like I have lost all ability to function… and you know what? I’m starting to think that’s okay all things considered.
This weekend was rough. I took a 14 Hour nap Thursday, could hardly function on Friday. I forced myself out of bed on Saturday and then didn’t even get dressed yesterday. I seem to be in a daze. I don’t want to watch TV, cook, clean, read, I pretty much just lay around and try not to think, praying passes the time too. I’ve had to force myself to eat which is so unusual. Then the tears and time it takes to even decide what to have is completely exhausting to the point of just giving up and not eating.
It has been so hot in the apartment I’m about to blow a gasket. My rage against the sweating has really been a welcome distraction. Not really a healthy one- a welcome one though. I’m tempted to ask my mom to put back up the AC- because opening the windows when its 36 outside is doing absolutely nothing for me. I need to get an indoor/outdoor thermometer so I can see if I’m just being crazy or if it really is above 70 in the apartment.
Yesterday I was reminded that I am about to go through a major surgery.  A very personal, life changing one. Its not like my gallbladder – this is my babymaker ( uterus, tubes, cervix all that sounds so official. I’ll be immature and stick with babymaker)
I guess I haven’t been letting myself grieve properly. I’ve been really trying to hold it together. I read an article from HysterSisters  (thank  goodness for this site) and it seemed to put some things into perspective for me so I figured I’d share it here.
It’s Major Surgery
No matter what type of hysterectomy you have, it’s still major surgery. You may have only tiny incisions or no visible incisions at all, but you still had an organ removed. Although hysterectomies are performed so frequently that society has come to think of them as no big deal, let your family know it is major surgery and you need to follow doctor’s orders and take care of yourself. Remember, you only have one chance to heal right!
Recovery Really Does take 6 Weeks
You’re dressed, you’re walking around the block… so you must be all better, right? Not necessarily! Because you are encouraged to walk during recovery and look quite well, your family may not realize you’re not fully recovered. Remind them that recovery cannot be rushed, and until you’re cleared by your doctor, you’ll be relying on their help around the house.
No, I Can’t Vacuum!
Most doctors will advise you of lifting limits (usually no more than 10lbs). Vacuuming falls under this same restriction. The pushing and pulling motion of vacuuming (as well as sweeping and mopping) puts strain on your abdominal region, and, thereby your stitches and healing tissues. Ignore the pet hair on the carpet and leave that vacuum in the closet.
There May be Tears
The trauma of surgery, medications, fatigue, and hormonal fluctuations can lead to weepiness post op. Some women are dealing with a cancer diagnosis, the onset of surgical menopause or the loss of fertility, and this can be overwhelming. The depth of the emotions can take you and your families by surprise. Let your family know there will be tears and you will need hugs, but it will get better soon!
You Need to put Yourself First
As a woman, you are used to being busy and “doing it all.” This is one of the few times in your life when you need to put yourself (emotionally and physically) first. Your family can take care of meals and housekeeping: this is your time to rest. It may be an eye-opener for them, but stand strong and leave that Super Woman cape in the closet. It will be there when you’re recovered!

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