Update time!

hey y’all!

so  this week has been crazy but I’ll try to give you the main points. I’m having trouble explaining to people how much God is doing so bare with me in this crazy post!

First of all I’ve been sick. I have a nasty cold but can’t get rid of it because I’m low on iron. As some of you know I’ve had some anemia problems in the past and now its worse. I’ve lost a lot of blood, due to abnormal bleeding and a ruptured cyst ( or more) on my ovaries. Praise the Lord for Australian Overseas health cover! after a few dr’s apartments, annoyance, and pain hopefully we have fixed the situation! I’m on prescription iron and other things until next week and if it hasn’t drastically gotten better then we have to go so some other options- PRAY PRAY PRAY I get some blood!

So intensives this week have been amazing! We have talked about
Christian Culture, about a zillion hrs on team work, wonderful lectures about Worship and why we do it. Liturgy ( look up that word)! God has totally blown my mind beyond belief! I e-mailed someone and they said it sounds like God is knocking my socks off! YES HE IS!

Its so amazing to be in this atmosphere supprounded by people and tools to help you get to know your savior on a more intimate level. I’m so excited about all of the opportunities I get to SERVE in!
So here at college you have to church life services to serve in, one fieldwork during the week and one service to attend! I have Sunday Morning Choir, then Cubby House kids (0-3)  and my field work is University Ministry! YAY I don’t know my exact schedule yet but I so have to be at choir practice at 6:30 AM this week! oh well  I’m so excited!

Money Money Money, I’m so tired of talking about money. I don’t have much but I know that God didn’t bring me all the way here to leave me hangin!  Please keep job and opportunities in your prayers. Many of the kids here are in the same situation so HE is teaching us all how to lean on HIM

STEAK! I love steak and the DR ordered me to eat it! Pretty sure my vegatarian friends are tired of me talking about medium rare beef! We even made a video about it which I’ll post later! Anyhoo I went to a place called sizzler today! Its basically Golden Corral! We ate enough to last us for the next week I think but it was SOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it.

People here love my accent probally as much as I love theirs! We never run out of laughs when you put a thug, a country bumpkin, and some Aussies in the same room!

I know that there is so much more I should be telling y’all but my brain hurts and I just can’t think of it. My facebook has tons of pictures so check it out!


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