Veiwing people in Gods image

My mind just got blown today.

We are made in the image of God…


What if we all started viewing the people we do everyday life with that mindset.
You roommates, friends, family, people on the bus ect.
the one that hit me the most was talking about relationships and males and females ect….

The man standing next to you is a man made in Gods image, maybe you have something to learn from him.

Hello slap in the face.

I’ve been saying all along that God has placed each person here in my life for a reason but man, that just made me change my view a little bit.

another thought is that I’m made in His image so maybe someone needs to see Christ through me. Maybe I’m the woman that someone needs to learn from too.

I know you were expecting greatness but just some thoughts  🙂
here are some pictures from the other night at the Gathering 🙂

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