Weight is so Werid

Weight is a funny thing.
I weight 1 lb less NOW than what I did in this picture.
( yes I got on the scale and was down but still don’t like the scale)

Before Grad Ball Nov 210

I don’t look at all like this right now though, its still an encouragement that I might one day look like this again. I tried on the dress and it fit great but I still didn’t look like this, maybe its the hair, or happiness level….. who knows
When I gained my Australia weight back I guess it came back in different places. I was so sick that weight just fell off of me. Then came flying back on.
I’m starting to see my face change and can pull off pants without unbuttoning them, which I shouldn’t brag about but still. Someone told me I looked comfy today,  and I’m in one of my nicer outfits. I guess my clothes are fitting differently too.
In other news……
I’m mentally exhausted from this weekend and just needed a pick me up. I listened to a sermon from my home church in snyder that just boosted me right up! check out Dave’s Run the Race sermon online if you get a chance! Well worth it.

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