Whats goin on? ( whats goin on)

Did you get the title? Whats goin on? Marvin Gaye song…… haha

Its no suprise to many of you that are my facebook friends that I’m having some health issues so I figured I’d update again. I had to go have an untrasound done the other day and they found a few abnormalities and masses that need to be checked out. They diagnosed me with poly cystic ovarian syndrome which is where the cysts came from but that’s separate from the abnormalities….. so there is some junk going on. The Dr here referred me to a specialist which I will hopefully get in to see this week.  I’m on lots of medication to try and stop the bleeding and pain. None of which are working very well at the moment so I’m not a happy camper most of the time. My Iron levels are still low but we have found a supplement ( liquid dirt) to help with that. so until then I’m supposed to” rest and take it easy” I laughed at the Dr and said uhhh you know I’m a college student” ( an elder of Hillsong owns the Clinic so they get bunches of us sick babys away from home) Luckly I’ve only missed one day of class so far and that was to have the tests run. I’m learning how to say peace out guys i need to rest.

Please pray for healing and that God would provide the money to cover the specialist. We all have over seas health insurance which allows us to go to the dr for free but any test or medicines or seeing a specialist stops there.
I’m staying strong at the moment besides a slight freak out the other day in which I called my mommy. Then God swooped in with the offer of mexican food. So big thanks to Tory, Sarah, Hannah, Jess and Jared for letting me come with y’all and Jared for the Dr. Pepper.  Also big thanks to Liz who hasn’t missed an appointment yet… I’ve know forgotten a few names but its because I have lots of support here. I feel like God has me here going through this for a reason so im not that discouraged yet. I’m just sick and tired of being sick and tired…( insert cross canadian rag weed song here)
School is great. I’m first up performing for our band. I will be doing an interesting rendition of the 80s ballad ‘I wanna know what love is” the Tina Arena version… Google it I dare you!

So I’ll leave you with some pictures of my buddies here…

Jess, Me, Jared
Liz and Josh
Tory, Charlie, Me, Lex, Sarah, Jared

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  1. I'm so super proud of you, Sarah! And the enemy will not steal your joy, health or this experience. I already told him to shut the hell up 🙂 Can't wait to see you in December!

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