Be sure to Celebrate the many small things….

I have a card framed on my desk that says “Be sure to celebrate the many Small things…..” I have it there because it makes me smile! Its signed by my friends from oz and the fact that it has a cupcake on it just makes it was better!

The other day in the midst of a tear fest at work I looked at the card was like FINE I’ll Celebrate the small things GOD. So in light of my card and trying to stay positive I figured I’d share some from this week!

Pandora played NSYNC’s “I want you back “ then “Friends in Low Places” back to back yesterday!

I nearly danced out of my desk chair!

I made a Paula Deen Peach Crumble that was Amazing. I was actually proud of myself!

I’ve cleaned at least something in the house everyday this week! NOW THAT IS SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE!!!

I wore a dress and my hair down to work today. I’ve gotten a compliment from almost everyone, including the boss man who was like “thank you for taking the time to dress up for me” I laughed and let him know it was the Laundry’s fault but that I would try harder! ( he knows I’ve been sick)

Some days they should just be lucky I showered! CELEBRATE!

I sang in the car loudly at the top of my lungs….. I haven’t done that in a while! I felt tons better and wished I could just go drive in the country… not traffic jammed highways. Maybe on Friday- Payday! Still that’s not being wise with my mullah!
I’m scared to say this outloud but I seem to be on the upswing of my recent stint on the depression rollarcoaster…everyday is different but its getting easier to get out of bed each day which may be the the thing I need to celebrate most! 
I realize that I may have just put you to sleep by reading this blog! Maybe someday soon I’ll have my whitty awesome blogs back if not I will keep inspiring naps!

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