Day 3- and some random thoughts

Day 3- Describe your relationship with your parents!

I have a good relationship with my parents. Like all children there are time I want to punch both of them but all in all my relationships with them is okay.

Dad- I miss him like crazy. Growing up only seeing him a few times a year was hard. I’d miss him but wouldn’t call because I didn’t want to bug him. Now I just don’t care and will blow up his phone for silly things! Back then my mom would do the “throw the phone” technique. She would dial the number and throw the phone then I had a choice. I could pick it up and tell him how much I missed them or just hang out. 9 times out of 10 I would pick up the phone and talk! Being an adult now a days its hard to hop on the plane and go see him. Hopefully now with Southwest going from ATX to ATL that will be easier! I’ve always been a Daddys girl though!

Mom- We are JUST alike. This can cause some high flying emotions but as long as we aren’t crying things are super. She gave up so much for me growing up and made sure that I could do anything I ever wanted to do. I can never thank her for all she’s done for me. I hate that she’s so far away in Canada now but thankful for Skype and such! She’s still my best friend!

….I’m the spitting image of my father, and my momma is my biggest fan.

Update on the insomnia. Im so sick of my headboard. Its beatuiful but it squeaks and bumps the wall and eats my pillows its just a mess. I got so frustraed last night I just took it off. BAM I slept like a baby 🙂 acutally that was most likely due to the  allergy medicine but still.

I’m craving steak somthing fierce and and so tired of drinking water. Yay trying to stay healthy.

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  1. You are definitely the spitting image of your father and your Momma is your biggest fan. I love you and am proud of the beautiful woman you have turned out to be. Even if you didn't realize it then – Those “dial and throw” times were for you. I had to do it to make you talk. Maintaining that relationship with your father was very important. I'm glad he is in your life.

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