Dream Big

I was talking with Arja today about happiness, hopes and dreams. She sounded to shocked to hear that I didn’t really have any. Well besides going back to visit Sydney just to visit because that is my ultimate “Happy Place” She was like there isn’t anything stirring in your soul? Something that God has put on your heart?

Sadly my answer was not really. Still- I’ve been praying for God to stir something, anything really,
Then she asked me about the future and I said no, I just want to be a mom. 
As I sit here typing I realize that what I am doing right now with Ivan and Marcus may be him answering all of my ” Lord I just want babies to love” prayers
Is this what depression has done to me? Take away my ability to dream big?
Maybe I’ve just gotten so caught up in life that I really have forgotten all about hopes and dreams. 
I used to be a dreamer- big time.  One of my favorites being to sing on stage with Garth Brooks and Sally Bear- yeah my love for Garth has lasted more than 25 years…
Maybe I’ll try it again. Can you make yourself dream?

Do you have a dream?

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