Dream job + 5 passions

Once again I’m a total slacker and didn’t blog yesterday. In my defense I was way busy mowing, vaccuming and cleaning the floors. My aunts been on vacation and I  know that if I came home to a clean house it would make me feel good so because I cant pay her a ton I try to do little things.

I woke up super early this morning and decided to go for a jog. Kinda scary because it was still dark. I’m just no too comfortable running in the dark. oh well I should get used to it because it felt good! This weekend I went to the Avenue, my second favorite plus size store, I official dropped a pants size! I was proud of my self….. My weight yoyos so bad but still I was stoked! I’m working on being a healthier sarah and seem to be on the uphill grind 🙂

So My hopes and Dreams blog challance

Day 7- What is your dream job and why?
Mine is being on Broadway. Has been since I learned how to walk, dance, and sing…. practally at the age of 3. Now my dream job would be being the boss. I feel like I need to be the boss in order to be happy somewhere but we’ll see. who knows maybe I’ll be one of those “fat actresses” on broadway. Incase you don’t know a teacher once told me there was only room for so many fat actresses on broadway and those spots were filled. crushed my world- so I turned my life to ag and that year was the best poultry judger in the state. A state title was uber important back then 🙂

Day 8- 5 Passions

I don’t know what they are… Music has always been one but the thought of having is hard for me. Is family one? I’m passionate about my family, and Christ.. duh I guess I’ll be a loser and just list the first 5 things that I love the most.

1. Jesus
2. Music
3. Family
4. Food
5. Travel

In other news…..
This morning when I was running a song came in which the chorus says” the power that raised Jesus Christ from the grave is the power that lives in you”…. Well at hillsong they say this alot, once a friend said the power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you therefor you have the Power to not eat the cookie. At the time it made me so mad but this morning, as I was trying not so kill over and die while running, I got it. Sounds like dodgy doctrine but I get it now!

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