Gordo-Life in Small Town Texas

I know its been awhile since I’ve blogged! I’m Currently living in Dilley Texas with my g-ma! Its a nice little town and I love her church so I’m settling in quite nicely!

Because my car is still in Canada for another month or so I just walk places. The whole town of dilley could fit inside the walk from my flat- the church in Sydney so its really no biggy for me. Unless its 102 degree heat or there are bunches of people out. When I walk for exercise I tend to stay off the main roads, I learned real quick I don’t really belong here and “walkers” as they call them here have no business but bad business on the main roads. Today was a different story though. I was taking a quilt to the post office to be mailed for g-dizzle and kept getting honked at ( No it wasn’t my orange hair :D)
I’m used to cars speeding up or swerving when you cross the road but today a man/kid leaened out the window and yelled Gorda or gordo I couldn’t tell… both translating to FAT! I have a few thoughts about this.
A) I know I’m big  dude- just be glad I’m out of the house and exercising
B) Its people like you who make people like me want to go home and eat ice cream cause some idoit was rude.
 I pray that no one in your family ever deals with obesity or health problems…  I hope that you are never stuck without a car and or wanted to walk somewhere. I hope your parents or grandparents and children are skinny healthy beautiful people. If not I hope that they never come across a disrespectful person like you.

I figure this is a touchy subject for someone of any size. I have some uber tiny friends who hate being called skinny as much as I hate being called fat. BUT its my blog and my opinions…..
So I leave you with 2 pictures I saw on facebook this week 🙂

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  1. I wish there was a cure for Rude. It's a horrible epidemic that is becoming way to common. I love you. Your pictures are wonderful.

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