Hopes and Dreams 30 things

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So I decided to try this list from a blog I follow called Hopes and Dreams! I’ve always wanted to blog  everyday for a month so I’ll give it a shot!

Day 1 is 20 random fact about yourself so here we goooooo

  1.  My middle name is Victoria, not Jane or Lee, though I don’t mind what you call me.
  2. I have horrible handwriting.
  3. I had a goal of seeing London, Paris, Rome, and Sydney by the age of 25. GOAL COMPLETED
  4. I want a bulldog. Badly
  5. I enjoy driving.
  6. I prefer Vanilla to Chocolate.
  7. I once was the best chicken judger in Texas
  8. I hate flowers, or floral patterns.
  9. I’m allergic to purple flowers. Once  I was given them on a date and didn’t even want to go to dinner I was so mad.
  10. I hate soup. I prefer to chew my food.
  11. I feel like a tiny ballerina trapped in a Plus size body sometimes
  12. My Dad rodeos and once upon a time I was good with horses.
  13. I’m a slob- trying to learn how to be neat and organized.
  14. I actually enjoy mowing the yard, unless its 100 degrees out
  15. I’m a negative nancy the majority of the time, I usually don’t realize I until someone says “sarah your so depressing”
  16. My little sister Morgan is way cooler than me.
  17. My little brother Will, will most likely be a studly heartbreaker.
  18. Garth Brooks is my hero
  19. I need 8 hours of uninterupted sleep to function.
  20. I wish I could write a book once day.
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