I know He’s with me!

Do you ever feel like your just wondering  around? Lately I’ve felt like that. I don’t know where I belong, where I fit in, who to trust, who not to trust, what I’m doing? Stay here? Second year? Job?

I went for a walk today (yay Excersize) and ended up at the hill over looking sydney! 

I could help but think of the lyrics in a new song aftermath by hillsong united!

 I know your with me
I know your with me here
 I know your live will light they way

We sang this over and over again the other night and somewhere in the middle of worship I realized I’d forgotten that he’s with me. I mean I know he’s with me but deep down i have felt like I’m walking this road alone now!  Maybe it’s all that I’m going through personally so who knows….
Anyways I love that we serve a God who never leaves us alone!
  I’m just taking it one day at a time trying to stay on the path God has for me 🙂

One thought on “I know He’s with me!

  1. It is so easy to forget that he is there. I do it all the time but its amazing that he doesnt forget about us. no matter what we are going through he is there and we can turn right to him.

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