My Best Friend’s Wedding- Abby

When I started 5th grade I was excited about one thing…. being in my moms school. Never in a million years did I think that the skinny blonde girl at the desk next to me would be my best friend.

Abby and I had a great childhood full of food, nsync, dance parties and most importantly for me – MAKEOVERS.

We were evening going to go to the NYSYNC concert together  in jr high but sadly she got mono from the water fountain at tennis camp….. seriously she wasn’t kissing anyone it was the water fountain 🙁 I ask my mom if Justin would autograph a picture for her because she was so sick…. mom said she doubted we could find him….Maybe If we had she would be marring him in stead of matt….


We stayed close through most of school but  grew apart in the highschool days. Lucky for me I knew she would always be there for me no matter what. She came to most of my shows and even did her time out at the ag farm with me, and if you know Abby that wasn’t her thing back then. She would come to my defense when ever needed… shes smaller but 10 days older than me and a spitfirr, so its like a big sister. One of the memories I have was of her screaming and cussing out a friend at sonic cause he was rude to me, to this day he is still scared of her.

Abby and I lived in Austin for awhile at the same time. It was during this time that we grew  the closest. Personally it was the worst times in my life and Abby was right there to hold my hand and feed me Guacamole and Alfredo.  Growing up was so hard but it was made easier having her there.

Abby and Matt blessed me with a laptop when it was time to go to Australia and at that point I new she would marry him. Apparently it was his idea and any Man who loves abby so much he loves her friends was the one. He made her laugh like I’ve never seen her laugh and we all know abby can laugh.

I realize that I’m writing like shes on her death bed or something….. I know this is a new beginning!

Hopefully I can make it through the day without crying and ruining my makeup. Speaking of makeup…… I finally did it. 15 years later I applied my makeup by myself and it looked exactly how Abby did it. We were a little proud last night at the rehearsal dinner HAHA

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