Not so Spring break

Many of yall were on spring break this week… Sadly I wasn’t.
I worked my first major overtime as in 14 hour day on Friday. Work was super busy this week and we were one office person short so we all scrambled to make it work. Kinda creepy being here so late at night, espically since the gates got locked. Luckily darla drove me around to my car. She refused to let me walk a block in this neighborhood at night!

On top of my busiest week ever I have a cold and still haven’t gotten a whole nights sleep. I don’t know what the deal is with me. I know my blog as turned in to whine/gripe fest so sorry for my debby downer self lately….

In other news
Spencer still refuses to go outside 🙁

I’ve been checking the mail like a mad woman, so I think I might start sending mail. I know that when I was in OZ anything addressed to me, even a bill, was exciting! so I think I shoul dbe a better friend and start communicating better!

I’ve been missing my Dad, Sister, and Brother alot. I practally have a free ticket there I just can’t find the time to go 🙁 Family is important y’all.

22 days no Dr.Pepper 🙂 YAY no soda.

I made my bed this morning… don’t know why. but Im sure it will feel good in the tonight when I get home from Bible study. Thats right you heard me… Bible study, with people, outside my house. This is cause to celebrate!

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