Snoozers and LADY A Weight loss Challange

I have never been a snoozer. Growing up I can remember my mom snoozing once or twice but never what I’m experiencing now.  My roomy snoozes for an hour…. or more. I on the other hand hears the alarm and then I’m up … that’s it. no ugh and throwing my phone, no grunts and rolls over. I’m awake. It happens every Wednesday and Friday, her alarm goes off an hour and a half before mine and I lay there and steam… once I mentioned that it practically drove me insane but honestly there isn’t anything any of us can do about it. sooo This morning I popped out of bed way to early and got some things done. Now I’m sitting here laughing at my roomy who is running around the flat because she slept late…  Amazing what an attitude adjustment does 😀

As some of you know Lady Antebellum is going on tour with Keith Urban. They just happen to be coming to Sydney April 14. I really can’t afford to go. Its just crazy to blow that kind of money on a concert. Well due to health junk I have got to loose weight… like now… sooooo Today is day one of the weight-loss challenge… 10lbs in 1 month =1 ticket to the concert. I’m so thankful to have people in my life who support me in this! God has placed an angel across the hall. Her name is Kourtney shes 24, from Alabama and ….. is a fitness trainer. She also has the ability to get my butt in the gym and then we laugh so much I don’t realize its been an hour and I’m sweating… until  the next morning when I can’t move….. Anyways I’ll keep you updated 🙂

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