Some things I learned from Lady A and Keith

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No matter how old I am I will  always want to be a country star.

Country music just touches my heart

Aussie accents are still crazy attractive, especially on musicians. there was just something about the way they said “guita” that made my heart melt.

Hilary’s bangs look just as goofily good as mine.

I have a new love for bass players. Keith’s was just a rock star, I learned more about groove from him than all 4 classes of those lectures last semester! He just chilled all night looking like a rock star and hardly ever moving…

I wish to develop my country song writing skills.

Sometimes you need a night out, even if you don’t feel good.

Rainin on Sunday is still one of the sexiest songs ever…..

I’ve been trained to say things like amen, come on, and  hallelujah when I like something  in church sooooo it crossed over and josi and I found ourselves in funny situations after awesome guitar shreds saying things like Come on, Hallelujah and I had the urge to raise my hands lol
Iphone auto correct says “Hells Yah” when I spell Hallelujah wrong

Watching drunk people, and smelling the stench of beer and puke was okay but lady who spilled her margarita on my purse not so much…..

I may have sung every word to every Lady A song loud of off pitch which may have been unfortunate to Josi and the people around me 🙂

Sometimes you just need to scream!!!

A concert is a concert no matter where you sit!


In Sarah in Sydney, Uncategorized
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