Things that hack me off

living so far away from people I love

my stomach attacking itself.

when my mom nags me for not answering the phone yet when I reply via phone, fb, skype, house and cell… and get nothin HAHA

When waiters try to flirt with me and not the beautiful person usually sitting across the table from me.

Forgetting that I have DVR’d something and watching all the commercials anyways.

Our neighbors dirty looks…. I’m sorry you can’t understand me but hello hi and a smile should be universal …. at least in America

Tiny Showers….. and shower heads that hit in the middle of your back…. sometimes I think it would be hilarious to watch big people back bend their way under the shower head… I know its funny for me!

that dogs don’t live as long as people… being with jingles makes me miss lady raider….

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