Today was a fairytale….not

So since or died my hair I’ve been getting a ton of compliments…  Who doesn’t like compliments? 

My day has been interesting and quite normal. I made a list of some things…

I will never like shopping for girly junk. 

I do like shopping for guys. 

I enjoy the car…. Even if I’m crammed in the back seat. 

I love it when people think my accent is cute but Not when they are mean about it day in and day out. 

Naughty will always be a bad word for me…. Not something you say to small kids.

I shouldn’t keep my perfume next to my hair stuff unless I want to smell like “curls up” at church- lady sitting next to me in church just said I smell Devine! That’s right lol

Just because I can now fit into a size 16 doesn’t mean I should wear the skinny  jeans. 

My Mexican rice tastes better the next day.

My feet are allergic to closed toe shoes. 

My heart is a little happier knowing Jordan and Casey are at passion. 

It is not okay to walk around singing the beer gut song on the way to choir. 

Now that I’ve seen Hilary from lady a with the same hair cut as me, I feel more comfortable about my bangs. 

Being on the same stage with Jill makes my heart happier than I expected. 

Do not accidentally start the dishwasher in the greenroom while in prayer meeting.

Don’t stand directly behind the worship leader if your going to raise you hands an have put stains- I don’t know why they make is wear long sleeves in choir

We passed the outback steakhouse today, I almost came unglued out of the back seat. 

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