‘Twas the night before Ketamine

My first ketamine infusion is tomorrow. Seriously,  thank you all for your prayers and donations on the GoFundMe page. We haven’t made our goal but have enough for the first two infusions and since I can’t seem to get out of this flare, depression, and pain wise, we are just trusting The Lord and going for it.

My anxiety is on overdrive. (when did anxiety become buzzword) Last night I made Steven take me for Mexican food so I could eat my feelings, followed by a walk around Hobby Lobby. It sounds silly but I needed to read all the inspirational stuff, to hope for the future, and to get excited about Christmas decorations.  I don’t know what I’m more afraid of…. The infusion therapy working or it not.

I’ve put all my eggs in this one basket so to speak so if it doesn’t work I’m back to square one. When you’re chronically ill you must accept the fact that sometimes you aren’t going to get better. The pain will always be there, the fatigue will always be there. You can try to manage the symptoms but things won’t be the same. I know that these infusions wont cure me, only help my symptoms but if these work it will be the closest thing to “normal” I’ve felt in a few years. So if it doesn’t work I’ll be somewhat devastated since we have exhausted ALL available options for treating my pain.

If these do work it will come with its own set of worries. How long will it last? How can I pace myself? Can I work again? If so doing what? Where? Will it help my depression? Can I stop taking so many meds? I’m currently on 3 antidepressants, a mood stabilizer and an anxiety medicine…….just to try to control my depression.

I remember very vividly telling my mother I wanted to go walk around Walmart following my colonoscopy with the ketamine. We got out of the car and I saw Mt. Rainer in a way I’d never seen before. It sounds crazy but the fog and fuzziness I had been experiencing for 10 + years seemed to be lifted.

I don’t talk about how bad my depression is most of the time. I’ve always been open about it and my anxiety but usually I keep details out. I admitted to Steven, Mom, and my bible study this week that it may be time to look at hospitalization if nothing changes. Something I have fought hard to keep off my medical record because of future adoption stuff.  A couple weeks ago when it first started getting worse, I basically showed up at my best friends house and made her and her family hang out with me. I couldn’t tell her(or anyone) the pain was so unbearable that my meds weren’t’ working. I tried so hard to forget that I was sick that day.

I guess that what I I’m praying so hard that these infusions will allow me to do ….let me forget I’m sick for just a little bit

Allow my body and mind to have some time to breathe. At this point even if it’s just for 24 hours I feel it would be worth it.

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