Weight, Happiness, and Throwback Thursday!

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When thinking about my biggest loser casting call questions I paniced when I saw does your weight effect your happiness. I started thinking back to the best days of my life and if my weight was on my mind at all. Last night in search of “Throwback Thursday” pictures I realized when I saw some of them how much hindsight is 20/20 but no, Some of my happiest moments in life up to date my weight was not on my mind.

I could blog for days about happy moments but I’ll only give a few J

So, after heartbreak in the drama universe, some due to my weight and lack of talent in the sight-reading world I threw everything I had into poultry. I had to make David proud, he was like my Dad and had done so so much for me.  My notebook of chicken information was just the thing to take my mind of drama, and boys. Thinking back now I laugh at how much I just wanted to prove myself to the ag guys. I would never  be state officer but I could grade an egg better than most. State completion went awfully, I was upset at the way I had performered. I’m pretty sure David knew my disappointment with the look on my face when I got back on the bus. Little did I know that I was about to be the First High Individual in Poultry judging. Which in “Sarah Terms” meant I was the best chicken judger in the state that year.
Sadly our team came in second which meant I had no way of competing at Nationals but… I’m sure I could have taken that too 😉 Here in this picture was one of the happiest days of my high school Career. I had proven myself and made David Proud.

These are my girls. We dreamed since Jr High about days spent in New York, Central Park, Times square ect. Sadly Blake wasn’t in choir so our dreams of all going to NYC busted….. BUT!!!!! Exceptions were made and money was dished out. And there we were! The little girls who had grown up supporting, fighting, hating, loving, sharing life and love with each other. We did it, we were in Central park, together. That my friends was a dream come true. Was I thinking about how I’m the biggest in the group at that point? NO WAY! I was just happy to be there. But I will forever be slightly mad at Michael for not telling us Blakes eyes were closed.

I’m pretty sure this is my 21st birthday, Was I worried about my weight then? Heck no.  Contrary to believe unless Abby and I are in Swim Suits I forget that we aren’t the same little girls who hung out in 5th grade. I don’t think about the fact that I weigh about 125 lbs more than her at the moment.  Always good times with the Abster ( and now Matt)

My Dad came to my Graduation. NUFF SAID

Brandon came to my going away dinner, at church. He wasn’t to found of my church but sucked it up with my family and came anyway. Am I worried about how awful my chins look in this picture? Heck no! I’m just excited He’s there.

AUSTRALIA- Am I worried about my weight here, while I’m petting a Wallaroo. NO.



Why has it been drilled in my head that my weight defines my happiness. I don’t know how this happened over the years but It has. My weight does not define me. 

Do I want it to change? YES

Do I want to be Healthy? YES

Do I want to knock a certain few people off their feet next time I see them? YES

But does that mean I should let my weight define me? NO

I need to change my way of thinking and get my rear in gear.
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