Who cries at the Pride Parade?

I went to the Pride Parade with my aunt on Sat. She supports me in everything I do so why not go with her? 
We were having a grand ol time clapping and cheering… I was trying to figure out out I could take lessons on how to be hot by MISS Drag Queen Texas… some of those men/women were way prettier than me! Then I see a sign that said “ we fought in silence but served with pride.” Immediately the tears start falling… I of course try to hide/stop it and by that time my aunt had noticed and smile and gave me some water. I said ” What straight girl cries at a pride parade?” ” I can’t believe I’m crying” Something inside me just churned! I wanted to go thank each and ever one of those men and women in uniform! They were fighting to keep us safe and free and had to lie about who they are. it just baffles me. I thought about my aunt who was in the arming, lying saying I’m straight when everyone knows shes not….. how crazy

Later that night I was at dinner with my aunt and her friends when I said something about church. A friend asked me if I was religious…. I hate that question, because the definition is so different to everyone… so I just said “yes. I’m a Christian” suddlenly the whole bar was staring at me… it felt like an hour but was only about 30 secs………..to break the silence I started laughing and said but I’m not going to hit you over the head with a bible… I’m not a bible thumper, then my aunt jumped in and everyone laughed. I love my aunt’s friends. They are always so welcoming and include me with out making me feel like the “straight one” but in that moment I felt like I had a glimpse of what it must feel like for them sometimes. To be so judged left me feeling vulnerable and bare. I could never live my life like that… it would drive me crazy…
Which brought me back to the parade and the people walking in it and maybe why my heart hurt for them but in a oddly happy way. Believe what you want but I felt like God gave me my tender heart for a reason and allowed me to feel something special for the men in women who are still out there protecting our country while serving in silence.

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